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Low carb, low fat, high fat, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, it couldn't get any more confusing for someone on a weight loss plan. Want to know the secret? All diets work, for some people. Yep that's right some people lose weight on a low fat diet, some on a high fat diet and there are mountains of studies showing this. That's why a diet might work for your friend but not for you. The reason behind this is a combination of genetic, gut bacteria and lifestyle factors. 

Alex has experimented with his diet for many years and tried almost all of them.

"Im one of those people who put on weight even from a clean diet, this lead me down a rabbit hole of the science behind weight loss and the answer is surprisingly simple"


There are so many people out there claiming to have the answer, and that's pretty easy for them to say if they don't struggle with weight issues. Alex has been on the weight loss scene for well over 10 years, so you can take comfort in the fact that Alex has the knowledge, tools and experience to help anyone lose weight. 

At the Adelaide clinic we use a specialised 30 day template to reset your metabolism. After 30 days we do some testing to see which foods are problematic for you and which foods you can occasionally indulge in. Contact the clinic today for a free chat about your weight concerns. 

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