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"Low carb, low fat, high fat, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, it couldn't get any more confusing for someone on a weight loss plan"

Like most of my clients I had tried it all. Calorie counting, paleo, atkins, keto, vegetarian, government recommendations, starvation and everything in between. The small bouts of success were quickly outweighed by weight gain rebound. With sheer determination I hit the gym harder and restricted my calories even more, resulting in minor shifts on the scales and complete burnout. 

"determination and willpower had nothing to do with my success"

Like my clients, I had all the drive and determination in the world, but this was quickly sucked out of me from lack of results. I hear the same stories over and over again from other Weight Loss Adelaide clients. 

"The advice of eat less and move more is a crazily simplistic"

The advice of eat less and move more is crazily simplistic. It's like asking a millionaire the secret to financial freedom and their advice is to "make more money than you spend".

Through my years of Academic Health research, weight loss became a passionate topic of mine. I went out of my way to read the latest science, follow world experts and do state of the art medical lab tests. I discovered key factors that influence fat storage and energy balance such as thyroid, insulin, stress, inflammation and more. Addressing these areas helped me EFFORTLESSLY lose weight without calorie restriction and endless hunger. 

"I discovered key factors that influence fat storage and energy balance"

"You can't fight the laws of biology, you have to work with it"

You can't fight the laws of biology, you have to work with it, and this is exactly what I do at AF Health!  I run state of the art medical tests to identify biological markers influencing Weight Loss and weight retention. Addressing these areas and implementing a dietary plan helps my clients finally drop the excess weight they have been holding onto for years. 

Many people claim to have the answer, and that's pretty easy for them to say if they have never struggled with weight issues. After dealing with hundreds of Adelaide Weight Loss Clients, you can take comfort in the fact that i have the tools, knowledge and wisdom to help you reach your weight loss goals once and for all. 

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