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Pain is one of the most uncomfortable feelings we can have. It is a physiological and psychological experience usually serving a biological purpose. Our challenge is to figure out what that purpose is and restore your body back to balance. Debilitating pain often leaves people unable to to perform daily routines such as shopping, cleaning and getting dressed. This has deep ramifications and often causes people to enter into a phase of depression. 

Our Adelaide Naturopath clinic is here to work with you and discover strategies to overcome the pain. Often the cause of pain can be identified with our in-depth 1 hour first consultation which takes a deep look into your current health situation. The Pain Management program involves using a specialised herbs and supplements that target the pain receptors in your brain, reducing inflammation and helping bring your body back to a state of equilibrium. We often work closely with medical doctors for those people wishing to reduce their medication. If deemed necessary we also refer to specialists in acupuncture and exercise physiology who specialise in pain. 

From Fibromyalgia to chronic back pain the causes are wide and varied. This program is highly individualised and we tailor make each treatment plan based on your specific symptoms and lifestyle. 

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