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Dealing with Mental Health issues can feel like you’re living inside your own prison. Sadly many people suffer from a mental health condition in silence. Not opening up to someone about your Anxiety, Depression or other mental illness creates an endless pattern of negative thinking (self-talk). Pharmaceutical Medication can have a marvellous effect on some people, for others, it comes with a long list of side effects.

Mental Health is Alex's Passion

"it's saddening to see so many people suffering in silence. I often see an instant improvement after people tell me about their issue. Combine this with dietary changes, exercise, herbs and miracles happen before my eyes"

The latest Science shows us that many factors influence the way in which we think, such as, sleep, movement, gut health, nutrition, and community. Alex will work with you every step of the way to bring you back to the days of positive self-talk. If you suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health condition contact the Adelaide Naturopath clinic today for a free chat about your condition. 


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