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Alex Fisher Health has teamed up with some of Australias best medical laboratories. This gives Alex the unique ability to examine your condition armed with the latest scientific data and medical knowledge. Often these tests are not covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance and may incur additional fees.

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Low levels of key hormones affect weigh gain, loss of muscle mass, libido, skin, mental health and a general feeling of being unwell. To ensure you are performing optimally we do a comprehensive analysis of your key hormones and rectify any underlying issues. 

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We use DNA testing to uncover your strengths and susceptibilities giving you the power and knowledge of exactly how your body works. Discover what foods are best for you, possible vitamin deficiencies, how your body deals with toxins and much more. 


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Discover what types of bacteria live inside your gut and how they may be affecting your health. The microbiome is strongly linked with Anxiety, Depression, Weight Gain, Skin Conditions and Bloating. Eradicating pathogenic bacteria and supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria has the potential to change your life forever. 


Discover what foods are causing an immunological reaction in your body. Certain foods may be causing unknown harm to your body resulting in skin conditions, weight gain, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. 


Discover possible environmental toxicity in your body from man made chemicals. High exposure and impaired detoxification pathways cause a build up of toxic material in the body causing significant health concerns. 



Intensive farming techniques deplete the soil of many key minerals needed to sustain healthy cellular activity. Environmental pollution exposes us high levels of minerals which disrupt our hormones, nervous sytem and immune system.  A deficiency or excess of minerals can lead to significant health complaints with an innumerable number of symptoms.

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