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Everything you eat and drink travels through your intestines and your body breaks down and extract nutrients from this material. The lining of your gut wall is a physical barrier that keeps harmful substances from entering your blood stream, only completely digested nutrients are allowed to enter your body through specialised cells. 

This physical barrier can become damaged by certain foods, medication and alcohol. Once the barrier is damaged, the entrance to your body is open allowing for bacteria and undigested foods to enter your blood stream. This leads to systemic inflammation as your immune systems fights to kill the bacteria and undigested food particles floating around in your blood stream. 

The latest science is showing that Intestinal Permeability is linked to weight gain, depression, anxiety, autoimmunity, allergies, eczema, psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome. To date, every single autoimmune condition has been found in the presence of Intestinal Permeability. 

Most people with Intestinal Permeability are unaware they have the condition. It's not until a specialised practitioner identifies unique symptoms, that Intestinal Permeability can be recognised. Our gut healing protocol involves eliminating intestinal irritants and repairing the epithelial lining of your intestines with nutraceuticles and diet intervention. In some cases pathology blood tests may be required.  

If you are suffering from intestinal issues, irritable bowel syndrome or altered toilet habits, please contact the clinic today to discuss your health concerns. 

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