Adelaide Blushing and Facial Flushing Treatment

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Adelaide Naturopath Blushing and Facial Flushing Treatment. Blushing and facial flushing can be embarrassing for people who experience this condition regularly. It is caused by an overproduction of stress hormones such as cortisone and Adrenalin. These hormones increase blood flow and heat to the outer extremities of the body resulting in blushing, heat, and warmth […]

Naturopath Adelaide Inspiration

There’s more to health

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There’s more to health than food & exercise There’s no doubt that the food we eat is one of the most important factors that determines our health. It is a mistake, however, to assume that food is the only consideration that maters when it comes to health. Unfortunately the media focuses on food and exercise […]

New Clinic Location

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Im excited to let all clients know the clinic has a new location. AF Health is now located at 267 Fullarton Road, Parkside (opposite the Arkaba Hotel). The clinic phone number has also been changed to (08) 8120 0447. For any bookings or enquiries please contact the clinic on this new number or email at […]