A Note From the Founder

Like many of my clients, I used to battle weight issues, anxiety, fatigue, joint pain, bad skin and brain fog. Panic attacks became a regular occurrence and I was suffering from digestive issues. Doctors tests showed that I was in perfect health and that medically there was nothing wrong with me. Was it all in my head? Did I just need to eat better, exercise more and relax?

"I was eating healthy!"

"I was exercising!"

Like most of my clients,  I was eating healthy! I was exercising! and I was (trying to) relax. None of that helped my situation and I was offered no explanation from the medical community.

Not long after this, my father developed type 2 diabetes. He quit the booze, put down the smokes, got a gym membership and ate what the diabetes association told him to eat. A few years later he died from diabetic complications.

"I was fed up"

I enrolled in a 4 year Health Science Degree, followed world health experts, read the latest research and what i uncovered was simply jaw dropping

"What I uncovered was jaw dropping"

I discovered evidence that current dietary advice is outdated and harmful. I found that peoples diseases were being undiagnosed because the wrong tests were being performed. I found that current treatments focused on disease symptoms, not the underlying cause of the disease.

Implementing the information I had accumulated over the years gave me boundless energy, a sharp mind and completely resolved my joint pain, anxiety and excess weight issues. After 10 years of research I had finally developed a treatment protocol to restore people back to optimal health.

I never want people to go through this same journey, so I established the AF Health clinic to help people like you find the answers you have been looking for. 

Taking the Guesswork Out

To take any guesswork out of health concerns and determine the underlying cause, Alex often turns to functional based medical tests including Hormone, DNA and Microbiome analysis. The results of these tests help Alex provide an individualised targeted approach to each and every client. Please note that some of these tests are not covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance and may incur additional fees. Click here for more information

DNA Analysis
Microbiome Tesing
Heavy Metal Analysis
Hormone Testing
Environmental Toxin Analysis
Food Sensitivity Testing

What to expect

After your appointment has been booked, you will receive an email  booking confirmation and an online patient intake form. The consultation is then followed in three easy steps outlined below.  

Investigation Phase: First Consultation
(50 minutes)

The initial consultation lasts up to 50 minutes and includes a comprehensive health assessment and thorough case history. This is an opportunity to discuss your health concerns in detail and for Alex to gain a deep understand of your current condition. During the first consultation, a variety of preliminary tests are performed to assess possible mineral deficiencies, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and address areas that need attention. In many cases, further laboratory tests are required to validate and identify the cause of you health condition. 

First Consultation $189

Second Consultation + Treatment Plan
(30 minutes)

After your initial consultation, Alex spends a significant amount of time formulating a Naturopathic treatment plan for you. The plan is based on your test results, scientific evidence, case history, and your health goals. Alex will provide detailed information on any dietary, lifestyle or herbal interventions that will accelerate your results. Alex may also recommend some further test be performed to gain a deeper understanding of your condition. 

Second Consultation + Treatment Plan $139

Review & Revise
(20 minutes)

Monitoring your progress is key to obtaining positive lasting results from your treatment. We may need to adjust or tweak your treatment plan depending on your progress. Regular reviews are the best way to make sure we are tackling your health concern in an effective and efficient manner.

Review consultations $89

Health Science Degree
Australian Natural Therapist Member
Endeavour College Graduate

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