2018 Health Reset Program

What is it?

The festive season is over and 2018 is in full swing. Like many of my clients, people tend to overindulge with the joy of friends and family around. Many clients enter the new year feeling sluggish with digestive issues weighing a few kg heavier and feeling old health issues return. If this is you, don't beat yourself up, Christmas is a time to be enjoyed, the important thing is to get back on track and take on 2018 with a bang!

Don't let your choices control you
Control your choices and your 2018

Sadly most people can only stick to a program for about 30 days before they lose focus, motivation and return to their old ways. Seeing this in my clinic on a daily basis, I decided to create a program to maximise my client's results within the shortest amount of time. This led me to create the Health Reset Program, and the 2018 program is the best one yet!
When the program has been completed, step 3 won't let you off the hook. In this step, a tailor-made optimal living plan is designed based on your goals and lifestyle. It involves designing achievable exercise techniques, a sustainable eating plan, optimal sleep hygiene and stress management. This is your time to shine and make healthy choices a part of your daily life and say goodbye to the continual diets, eating plans and weight loss programs. 

How Does It Work?

What Comes With The Program?

The 2018 Reset Program is jam-packed with tools & resources to fast track your progress. After your consultation, Alex will design a personalised diet program tailor-made to help achieve your goals, be it weight loss, sports performance or longevity. You'll be able to smash your daily, monthly and weekly goals with the 2018 Motivational Goal Diary, keeping you accountable and on track. 
If you're new to exercise or want to get the best results in less time, then the exercise guide is what you need. The latest science shows that we don't need to spend hours in the gym for optimal health and longevity. You can achieve visible and lasting results from doing a few simple exercises throughout the week. This book lays out the foundations of exercise and takes you from beginner to advanced in a matter of weeks. 
* Exercise Guide eBook
* Personalised Diet Plan
* Motivational Goal Diary eBook
* Thermophase Detox (Liver & Toxin clearance)
* G-Tox Express (Liver & Toxin clearance)
* Glutagenics (Intestinal Restoration)
* Ultra Flora Intensive Care (Repopulation of key probiotic strains)

Liver & Toxin Clearance Protocol

During the health reset program, the body must be able to eliminate toxins in an effective an efficient manner. In step 1 we enhance your elimination pathways by stimulating enzymes and repair mechanisms of the liver, kidneys and digestive system. Optimising these elimination pathways allows the body to excrete toxins and cellular waste providing optimal conditions for cellular repair.

Two essential detoxification supplements are used during this phase to enhance results. Thermophase Detox Essentials reduces toxic load by supporting the gut barrier function, microbiome, and endotoxin (LPS) reactions. Thermophase helps with the removal of gram-negative bacteria reducing production of Lipopolysaccharides that contribute to systemic inflammation. Often these bacteria are the cause of undiagnosable issues where people "just don't feel right". 

G-Tox Express helps repair the integrity of the digestive tract by providing fuel for important gastrointestinal cells. G-Tox has been shown to play a role in repairing intestinal permeability and has a soothing effect on the digestive tract promoting regular bowel movements and intestinal detoxification. Essential greens such as spirulina, coriander, and cleavers are used to enhance cellular detoxification and promote optimal excretion via the kidneys & liver. 

After completing this two-week phase your body will be ready for the gut restoration protocol 


2018 Detox Phase 1

Liver Detoxification Phase 1 & 2

2018 Detox Program Step 2

GI Tract 2018 Detox Program

Gut Restoration Protocol

Your gut lining is an essential barrier between your digestive system and your bloodstream. Any damage to this lining allows bacteria, chemicals, and toxins to enter your body, this is known as intestinal permeability or leaky gut. During this phase, we enhance intestinal cellular repair and upregulate secretory IgA, powerful immune cells used to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. 

G-Tox express has a protective effect on the gastrointestinal system by repairing intestinal permeability and upregulating important immune cells. Glutamine and Zinc act directly on the intestinal tight junctions of the intestines and help form a strong intestinal barrier. Alovera is used to reduce any gastrointestinal inflammation that may be inhibiting cellular repair of the intestinal tract by reducing inflammatory mediators. 

Ultra Flora Intensive Care rebuilds the native commensal intestinal bacteria of the digestive tract. This practitioner only probiotic contains three of the world's most researched probiotics with proven research demonstrating their ability to repopulate the intestinal tract. This unique probiotic supports the growth and function of the Intestinal tract and has been shown to have positive benefits on gut health, mood, weight control, and immune modulation.

Healthy Living Protocol

This is your time to shine!  After the 4 weeks, you will have removed toxins and cellular waste from your body, improved your immune system, repaired any gut damage and be feeling happier and healthier.

But it's not the time to stop! 

In this step, we analyze many areas of your life and tailor make an optimal living plan for you. This often involves removing toxic chemicals from your life, improved exercise techniques, sleep hygiene and stress management. 

The healthy living protocol is specifically designed to suit your lifestyle and goals, this is where Alex fine tunes your life for optimal living and thriving health. 


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